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Learn How To Earn Money Working For Yourself As An Independent Nurse!
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Membership Website Success Blueprint
The Independent Nurse membership website's goal is to introduce other nurses to a way in which they can earn a great income working for themselves as Rns and/or LPNs in the state of New York.The member site features a number of modules designed to give you step by step instructions through video demonstration.We walk you through the entire process from beginning to the end so that you are legally an independent nurse working for yourself once you finish the teaching modules.When going through the process to become an independent nurse there are some steps required as a prerequisite before moving on to other steps in the process.So with that in mind each module is intentionally placed in the order needed to fulfill  that requirement.All you have to do is simply go through each module,one after the  other in the order it is placed, and just copy what is shown on the video.All forms needed can be downloaded from our website information library. There is tons of information waiting for you to put to use including tax preparation tips for when you begin earning your own money, where to find patients, professional conduct and more. There is also a members support group which you gain access to once you sign up.In this group you can network with other independent nurses in the New York area and lend support towards one another in being successful.

This is easily made accessible to all  nurses in the New York area simply by signing up and paying a ONE TIME fee of $99.This is available in one of two options. A one time payment of $99 or  Installment payments of $33 with the first payment due at sign up and two additional payments automatically deducted over the next month. This comes with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you do not earn the value payed at sign up back within the first 3 -5 hours worked at your very first case!!! JUST CLICK ON THE " MORE INFO"BUTTON BELOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO.
What This Website Is All About: The Independent Nurse Is A Private Membership Website Designed To Show Nurses How To Earn A Great Income Working For Themselves Just As I Did!
LEARN#1: How To Become an Independent Nurse
Gain freedom and flexibility all while earning your own income.
LEARN #2: How To Fill Out The Proper Forms
From beginning to the end.I'll show you all the forms needed & how to complete them.All forms are provide. Save time and do it correct the  first time  around.
LEARN #3: How To Make Money Being an Independent Nursing  Provider
The very same blueprint I used to make over $100,000 year after year after year!
Success Blueprint
I become a nurse because I wanted more out of life; a better quality of living. However after becoming a LPN and then earning my RN I began to feel trapped and stagnant working the every day to day routine as a nurse.I literally felt like I was trapped in a box that I could not escape from.I also was quickly becoming burned out from the high demands that come with being nurses;the high patient ratio, stress of not making a medical error, watching over my back for the co-worker who just cant wait to report any mistake I might make.

So eventually I found a way to hold on to all the pros of being a nurse while greatly decreasing the cons.I became independent, earned great money and gained a lot more control over my free time and flexibility.After years of having success it wasn't long before Friends of mine who were also nurses began to notice. I showed them step by step exactly what I did for myself and BOOM! They were successful too!

SO. After my own positive results followed by the success of those who've I helped copy exactly what I did the light bulb in my head came on.The thought that if other nurses had a way to copy my blueprint and simply do as I did they can be successful too.But the challenge was coming up with a way to make available my blueprint to all the nurses out there who are looking for this break? So I created The Independent Nurse membership website for nurses like you who take action and are willing to invest back into themselves. Nurses like you and I who take hold of newly presented opportunities that come their way.

What People Are Saying:
This is such an incredible offer! I was given all the information i needed to become an independent nursing provider. All I had to do was literally follow the demonstrations on the videos.I also found a case paying $40/hr before even  finishing all the steps in the process.
- S White, RN , NY
Very easy to follow along. Glad I made the choice of  signing up.This has given me more opportunity for employment as a LPN.
- W Carrol,LPN , NY
I didn't even know there was a way to work for myself as a nurse before this.I'm actually working for myself at two cases within weeks of becoming independent.
-R Aponte ,LPN , NY
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